A College Degree Isn’t the Key to Happiness

I truthfully never had a clue what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Then when I was a senior in high university, we had to do community service in order to graduate.

I had no clue what I could do for community service, in addition to then one of the football players told me he was going to get his service done by working at his father’s HVAC corporation. I thought that sounded alright, so I signed up to also do the HVAC work with him. It was absolutely a undoubtedly positive and healthy experience. I acquired a lot from the weird HVAC workers in addition to I was able to learn about all kinds of tricks of the trade when it came to finally working on HVAC systems in homes and businesses. I was taught how to install a whole-condo air purification plan and replacing air filters became my regular duty. To be honest, I was absolutely kind of upset when the community service had to end. Fortunately, our buddy’s father wanted to talk to me about the job he had seen me do. He said that he saw a lot of potential in me in addition to said if I wanted, he would pay the cost of my classes to receive our HVAC certification if I finished and would work for him for at least three years. l acquired that our neighbor was offered the same thing, in addition to I was all in! The people I was with and I both went to an HVAC trade university at the same time in addition to every one of us studied together in the same program. It was a good time in addition to every one of us l acquired so much in our classes. The people I was with and I completed school and earned our HVAC certifications. I am now an HVAC worker in addition to I absolutely like the work!

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