A Day with the Kids

Last Saturday was the first really cold day of winter in the deep south where we live, cold enough to turn the heat on.

Unfortunately, the heat didn’t come on.

The vent was blowing cold air. It was in the thirties outside, and thirty is really cold to us, so, I decided to let my husband handle the HVAC repair business while I took the kids out in search of warmth. I thought that my sister’s house would be a good start. I knew she would have her heat on and her house would be toasty, and the kids always love to see their cousins. I wasn’t able to reach my sister on her cell phone, so, I thought the kids and I would just drop in. Surprisingly, my sister wasn’t home. It was about nine o’clock on a weekend morning and not a good time to go out to breakfast. So, I did what I thought I would never do. I loaded them up with sugar. We stopped at a donut shop for hot cocoa and sugar laden donuts while we soak up the warmth of the heater. It felt great! Hyped up on sugar, I decided to take the girls bowling. It was a little chilly in the bowling alley, but not as chilly as it was outside. Then, of course, I had to feed the kids again. Then, I took them to an afternoon movie. To my relief, my husband shot me a text that the heat was working and we could go home to a nice warm house. Yay! I spent a great day with my kids and now I can go home to a nice warm house and curl up with a good book.

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