A quick a/c repair

On a night out with friends, I came across a bar that was really hot and stuffy inside.

This is not uncommon for a bar that has a lot of people drinking, dancing and sweating.

I had been to this bar before though. They never have it too warm in there. There also weren’t a lot of people in the bar. An employee approached me and said that the AC was broken and would not be fixed until the next day. Although it was hot and uncomfortable, my friends and I stayed in the bar with no AC. The owner noticed that we still stayed and offered us half off our tab! We thought this must be our lucky night. We decided to stay the entire time. To my surprise, the bar was starting to get colder as it got later. I wanted to know what the deal was and I asked around. The bartender told me that there was a customer that was a HVAC contractor. They lucked out and the guy actually drove his HVAC van to the bar. He noticed the a/c issue and grabbed his tools. For a few free beers he fixed the bar air conditioning system. I thought that was really lucky for us. We were only staying for the cheap drinks, but now we got cheap drinks with quality a/c. It was a really fun night out and the bar lucked out on that a/c repair. It could have been expensive, instead it was just a few drinks worth.


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