Apartment tenants leave the back door open

I’ve been living in the same place for about 2 years now.

I haven’t had too many negative experiences here, and I’ve been mostly happy with my rent and landlord situations.

The other tenants in the building are usually quite considerate and I don’t hear them too often. Overall, it’s a fairly good living situation for someone on a tight budget. There aren’t too many things that I would improve, except I would love to have a better understanding of my monthly energy bills around here. Somehow, it seems like they are increasing all the time recently. I don’t feel as though my indoor air temperature has changed drastically, I haven’t been over using my central heating and cooling system or anything like that. Therefore, I’m unsure why my monthly utility bills have been climbing all the time. I was completely dumbfounded when this last energy bill arrived in the mail, because it was at least three times higher than usual. I knew that this time something had to be going wrong. I started investigating around the apartment building, looking for areas that could be negatively impacting the indoor air quality. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I found the major issue with my energy bills lately. Another tenant in the building had been leaving the back door open every day when they went to work, bleeding all the cool air out of our apartment building and letting warm air in to the hallway. It’s no wonder my energy bill was increasing every month, because I was paying to air condition the entire South.

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