Better Indoor Air Quality Helps the Band

It’s deranged because I never thought a Christmas gathering would change things for our band.

It was absolutely our bass guy who was saying that every one of us should all go to this Christmas gathering he was invited to. He said it was going to be a good time however not everybody in our band was wanting to go. I decided to go after he talked me into it. I’m pretty satisfied that I went, too, because this gathering was fantastic. The thing is, the arena of the gathering had the best temperature control settings in addition to the air quality being better than anything. The people were good in addition to there was even a small competition for the best bass guitar player. Of course, our bass guy got involved in that. Our bass guy absolutely rocked the gathering with his skills in addition to later on I was talking to him about it. I was trying to understand what had occurred to make him play that bass so well without making any mistakes. He said it was the result of the good air quality in addition to the excellent temperature control settings. He let me know that he never felt undoubtedly comfortable at our practice sessions in addition to also particular venues where we played didn’t have the best temperature control either. When I discovered that it was the seemingly flawless temperature control that every one of us required to be improved, this was a real game changer for our band. I decided to pitch in with the other members to have better temperature control in the garage every one of us practiced in. We paid to have a ductless mini split installed in addition to a UV media air cleaner. Ever since, every one of us has been much improved with our music in addition to every one of us is not too shy to ask the venues to have good temperature control as well so every one of us can be our best!


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