Bought our own A/C as a teenager

When I talk to people our age they are often shocked with how weird our lives are… Growing up, I absolutely had a weird experience than most of our peers. I grew up in a small, rural neighborhood where most of the families were pretty well off. In contrast, our family was below the poverty line and suffering from many addictions. Things were rocky at our house, to say the least. I absolutely had to become an adult earlier than other kids our age, and I had a lot more responsibility than they could ever imagine, however my friends are often shocked to hear that I started toiling at the age of 12… In order to be able to afford our own air conditioning system, however you see, when I was growing up every one of us had a rudimentary central cooling proposal that barely functioned at all. I remember many days that our mom insisted that the A/C was running, but there was burning overheated air coming from every air vent. We could not afford for a central heating and cooling worker to come maintenance our busted A/C system, so every one of us relied heavily on box fans and natural ventilation. It was a overheated and overheated childhood, to say the least. When I was around 12, I got myself a part-time task in the hopes of saving up enough currency to purchase an A/C window unit. I desperately wanted to have more cooling power in our family room so I could fall asleep at night instead of lying awake, perspiring, and listening to our family yell. Eventually, I saved enough currency for a brand new A/C window component and even installed it myself. I could not quit our task after that, because I still had to fork over currency for our portion of the energy bill.


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