Can you believe the cost of a theatre ticket

It had been nearly three years since I have seen my parents.

About four years ago, my parents decided to move to North Port, FL.

Now that the kids were older, my wife and I thought they would be able to do the trip with few problems. We were anxious to see my parents and the kids wanted to see their grandparents. Mom and dad had bought a big house when they moved. They had the main house and they also had an in-laws quarter in the backyard. I loved that we had our privacy and we wouldn’t be bothering our parents all of the time. The house in North Port is close to the waterways. Dad bought a small fishing boat and he and my husband decided to go fishing for the day. The sun was beautiful and the temperatures were warm. We spent an entire day at the beach in Clearwater and we even got to fish some with dad. After three days, it began to rain. It rained nearly twenty four hours a day for the next five days. On the fourth day, the kids were getting bored. We found a theatre in North Port that was playing a movie the kids had wanted to see. Just getting into the theatre was extremely expensive. I was used to paying $8 a person back home, but it cost nearly $40 dollars for the four of us. That didn’t even include the popcorn. We knew that North Port was a tourist district but I didn’t expect it to reflect so dearly in the theatre tickets. I knew we were going to spend more money on vacation this year.