Climate control at wedding venue

I was really happy when my aunt offered her property for me and my fiance as our wedding venue.

I am not super close to my aunt but I do follow her on social media and she has the most beautiful garden. Her whole yard is nothing but one huge, amazing garden. My fiance and I took the 2 hour drive to her house to check it out and make sure it would work for the wedding. The first thing we noticed is that there was not a lot of parking on her street but she does have a 3 car garage. I figured we could stack cars in and maybe save some space. That’s when my aunt said that no one could park in the garage because it is full of plants. We went inside and sure enough, the entire garage is one big greenhouse. It is packed with orchids and carnivorous plants. It is also very hot and humid in the garage. That is because she has UV lighting, humidifiers, and climate control all set up for the plants. The garage even has its own HVAC system separate from the house. It was amazing to think that plants have their own thermostat and humidistat but it does make sense. The house itself also had an excellent HVAC system with zone control. I like that we can chill the kitchen down to 50 degrees to keep the cake fresh. We decided to go ahead and have the wedding at my aunt’s house. We will just have to park off site and bus everyone in but it will be so worth it.

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