Considering an electric heat pump for new home

My husband and I are building a new home in an area with mild winter weather and brutal summer heat and humidity.

We’ve been considering all different styles of temperature control.

We need something that will provide effective heating, cooling and dehumidification and energy efficiency is a priority. After some research, we are learning toward the installation of an electric heat pump. This type of system combines heating and cooling capacity into a single until. Although the initial purchase price is quite high, heat pumps are cheaper to run than a combustion style of heater. High efficiency heat pumps save money all year round. Some of the top-of-the-line options feature adaptable speed technology. Because of a variable speed compressor, the heat pump responds to the demands of the indoor environment and can adjust capacity between 40 and 100%. This allows the system to run at lower speeds for longer cycles and use far less energy. Plus, the longer running times achieve superior humidity control and a more even indoor temperature. We will also save money on maintenance costs. There’s no combustion process which eliminates a lot of issues and concerns. An electric heat pump only needs to be serviced once per year. The system can be trusted to operate safely and cleanly. It won’t introduce contaminants into our breathing air, actively filters out allergens and helps to reduce carbon emissions and impact on the environment. The one drawback of a heat pump is that it struggles to handle temperatures below freezing. In the area where we’re building our home, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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