Days without heat prepped me for cold air

I am not a fan of cold air.

It’s pretty funny to most people who know me, because I was born and raised in an extremely cold part of the country.

However, the cold air temperatures never seemed to make me more tolerant. In fact, I hated the winters more and more with each passing year. That being said, I couldn’t wait to get out of the far north section of the country and seek more comfortable weather patterns for my personal preferences. These days, I live so far south and I enjoy a much more moderate climate. However, there are still cool temperatures to endure for a few weeks each year. As we slip from Summer into fall, the cold air starts flowing into a region. At this point, my body is completely accustomed to the heat and humidity of summer in the south so the emerging cold winter temperatures feel completely shocking. There is always a transition period when my body is freezing cold even on mild winter days. Unfortunately, this is a very uncomfortable couple of weeks when I can’t seem to get warm or pile enough layers on my body. This year, my body got accustomed to the cold winter temperatures much faster than usual thanks to a heating failure. Our furnace stopped working for the first two weeks of the cold season. In response, my body grew accustomed to the new chilly climate. These days, although the winter air has absolutely flowed into our region and brought a drastic seasonal change, I’m perfectly comfortable outside in a t-shirt.



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