Dehydrator has two functions

I’ll admit, I didn’t do a great job with Christmas this year.

As the holiday was approaching, I realized that I didn’t have the financial resources or brain power to make an amazing Christmas season for all of my friends and family.

I was running out of time to purchase gifts, and I had no idea what to buy everybody. Somehow, I wound up purchasing everybody the exact same present. Everyone I know is receiving a food dehydrator for Christmas this year. I presented my mom with the gift on Christmas morning and she was pleasantly surprised to receive the kitchen gadget. We promptly brought it to the dining area and began experimenting with different foods inside of the dehydrator. The premise of the machine is quite simple. It pulls air through the bottom using a small, quiet fan. The air is dehumidified and warmed within the base of the product, and pulled through the top of the device. Thus, the high-quality, warm, and dry air is effectively shuttled around your food items until they are completely dry. We wanted to play with the machine, but realized after operating it for a few hours that the dehydrator was actually much more effective than we thought. Not only was the little appliance warming and drying our slices of fruits and vegetables, but the entire house had started to feel warmer and dehumidified. We decided this additional heat was an extra bonus in the winter, and allowed us to turn down the central heating system as long as it was operating. I guess my gift will have the off-base effect of lowering my mom’s energy bill.

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