Electric fireplace is too powerful

I’m 1 of those people who has a really strenuous time sleeping at night. I have never been the type of human who could just sit down, close my eyes, and drift off to a peaceful sleep. In fact, for as long as I can remember, I have suffered from insomnia. Even as a child, I was riddled with anxiety and laid awake at night dreaming of all of the dangers that could befall my friends and family. I have suffered from sleepless nights and unpleasant days ever since, one of the things that I have realized about my insomnia, is that I can improve it vastly with the right environmental conditions. So long as I have complete darkness, adequate background noise, and an harshly cold environment, I can generally sleep for a few minutes. The problem comes when I stay in someone else’s house. If I don’t have control over my lighting, noise pollution, and indoor temperature, I am likely to sit awake all night. This is exactly what happened on my recent trip back lake up-to-date home for the holidays. I was staying in my Grandmother’s basement, which is inherently cold and damp, then because of the outdoor temperature gets down into the 0 degree range, the basement can be brutally cold. She installed a small, electric fireplace in the basement several years ago. Apparently, no 1 had really experimented with sleeping next to it. I woke up in the middle of the night, burning sizzling and covered in sweat through my sheets. I desperately turned down the temperature on the fireplace, but there was no option between cold cold and burning hot. The basement was harshly sizzling and impossible to sleep in, or cold cold and angry to wake up in. Needless to say, it was a sleepless holiday.



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