Far too much AC in here

I have done a few things in life that I wish that I would have never done, and it is usually because I am careless and do not know things through, but my partner is the total opposite of me, but he thinks everything through, plus several times, he overthinks things and makes them more complicated than they need to be, then all of us balance each other out whenever both of us are together, however the truth is, we work extremely long hours each plus every day, plus both of us are not together unquestionably often. I wish that it was not this way, however it just is right now. If all goes well, both of us will be able to change that soon, however until then, we mostly live separate lives. I think that I need him at lake loft with me to help me know through my decisions, last week, I literally froze our living room, plus it was terrible. I was cleaning our living room that day, plus I wanted to clean the vents. I cleaned all the vents in our room and also my master bedroom, they looked great! Then, I decided that I would close the vents due to the fact that I was a little hot from cleaning. I did not realize that by closing all of the vents I was not going to get any heat in my living room. I left for task plus when I got back to my place, my living room was cold. The towels in the powder room that I had used to clean were stiff and one hundred percent frozen, the glass of water that I had set beside my bed was frozen. It was less than thirty degrees in my room. I felt like such an idiot. Thankfully, no permanent disfigure was done.


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