Feeling like a big idiot

I done some things that I wish that I would have never done while looking back on it now.

It is usually because I am careless plus do not think things through, my husband is the total opposite of me; He thinks everything through, and more than a few times, he overthinks things plus makes them more complicated than they need to be, but the two of us balance each other out whenever the two of us are together.

To be honest with you though, the two of us both work long hours each and every single morning, plus the two of us are not together genuinely often. I think it would be best if it was not this way, but it just is right now. Hopefully, the two of us will be able to change that soon, but until then, the two of us pretty much live separate lives. I am certain I need him at home with myself and others to help myself and others think through our decisions, and last week, I almost froze my dining room, plus it was terrible. I was cleaning our dining room that morning, and I was desperate to disinfect the vents. I cleaned all the vents in our room and master washroom. They looked great! Then, I decided that I would close the vents because I was a little boiling from cleaning. I never noticed that by closing all of the vents I was not going to get any heat in our dining room. I left for work plus when I got back home, our dining room was freezing cold. The towels in the washroom that I had used to disinfect were stiff and frozen, the glass of water that I had set beside our bed was frozen. It was actually less than thirty degrees in our room. I felt savor such an idiot. Thankfully, no permanent damage was done.


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