Had to change wedding area

My sibling has been planning her ceremony for the past 18 months, then she always planned to have his nuptials inside the church where our mom and dad were married.

Unfortunately, we found out that the church will not accommodate a hundred people due to the coronavirus.

My sibling has been forced to find another location for the celebration. Since it’s short notice, she has to settle for an outdoor area. I keep telling our sibling that the outdoor location will be perfect, but she is still griping about changing the details. It’s just too close to the event to find another suitable section that will allow most people indoors at the same time. Besides, it will be easier to social distance with most people outdoors. The ceremony will be in the middle of September and I recognize our sibling is tied up with the frigid weather. As the maid of honor, it’s our duty to calm down the bride, so I called a few locations in the neighborhood that rent portable propane heaters. We can rent many propane gas furnaces for an affordable price. In fact, I already put down a deposit with one company that has more than five propane gas furnaces on standby just for the big day. My sibling is still a huge ball of stress and nerves. There are a lot of things about 2020 that haven’t gone as expected, but we have to do our best to roll with the punches. The ceremony can still be a lot of fun, even if we have to make a few minor variations to the details along the way.
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