He can transport his a/c

I noticed a man who was wearing something odd around his neck.

With a heat index of 114 degrees, not too many people ventured down to the beach for the holiday break. However, a few of us local people were not opposed to heading down to the beach for a day full of surfing. Those who were sitting on the beach were easily going to be uncomfortable in this weather. I started to notice that this man with the odd device around him did not look bothered by the heat at all. All of a sudden, I realized that the man was wearing a portable cooling system for walking around the beach. I walked up to him to see it closer. As I got closer to him, I could feel the cool air blowing around him. This was a powerful portable air conditioning, no doubt about that. The man wearing the portable air conditioning told me it was around $1,000 in addition to that he lives alone so that is all he does for a/c. The component is so powerful, yet portable. He is able to use it while sleeping, working in addition to running. This portable air conditioning is perfect for hot summer times on the beach. He made the little a/c device look so tempting. I already own a good cooling system at home. But, having a portable cooling system on a bike ride, or when I go out to dinner sounds like a really good idea. I wonder if my HVAC company sells them.


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