Helping out a acquaintance with Heating & A/C

I enjoy the city that all of us live in, i believe love there is a good family vibe & most people looks out for one another.

I think it’s good to have this mentality because most people only look out for themselves, and so I am always willing to help out my neighbors because they will do the same for me.

I toil for a local Heating & A/C supplier so I am the guy to call when your Heating & A/C plan stops working. I normally don’t charge them anything for the Heating & A/C repairs because it’s just labor, but if they need to have current parts ordered, then all of us will only charge them for the parts. I also get a discount on the parts because the Heating & A/C supplier that I toil for has a good partnership with the supplier that supplies the Heating & A/C parts. I enjoy that my neighbors are able to rely on me to help them with their Heating & A/C systems & I will help any of them out whenever they need it. I love that they come to me when they are in trouble & can use my help. I want to live in this area for the rest of my life because I want my kids to grow in an environment love this too. I am going to do my best to show my kids how to help people out when they need it the most. I think teaching by showing is the best way for kids to learn.
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