HVAC guy never showed

My hubby called for professional Heating plus A/C maintenance more than one mornings ago.

When the old A/C unit broke, both of us needed to call the Heating plus A/C right away that morning because both of us couldn’t breathe in our house without operating AC. Apparently, both of us don’t have really good ventilation in the place because the only room both of us have any real airflow is regularly in the dining room. Both of us can open the windows plus the wind blows easily right through there. The other windows in the house are all on just located a single wall. This does not allow for the air to flow through the room. Anyway, after talking on the phone the Heating plus A/C supplier promised to come to our hot house by 10AM. It was early afternoon, plus both of us still definitely didn’t have a Heating plus A/C specialist now working on our air conditioner. I started getting impatient and was going to call again, however my hubby told myself and a few others that maybe it took longer for him to maintenance someone else’s Boston Heating plus A/C system. That made sense however for some reason I still was thinking that no a single was going to show up. When it eventually came time for bed plus no a single had yet arrived at the house, I called the emergency line. I told them about my missed HVAC appointment plus that the Heating plus A/C tech had not arrived. They told myself and others that someone had marked myself and others accidentally as having already had the A/C maintained plus they promised someone would be at the house within an hour. At least I was blissful to not having to pay that costly maintenance call fee.

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