I broke my air conditioner

Today was the day when my husband finally asked me to put away all of the air conditioning systems.

Fall is coming, and the air outside has been frosty recently.

While we have not needed to turn our oil furnace on or anything, it’s definitely too frosty outside to use our air conditioning system. At this point, all that we need to do is crack open the window or turn on a fan. The two of us have a lot of portable air conditioning systems, and it was important to put every air conditioning system in the attic until the following year. The two of us have a lot of storage space in our attic for the air conditioning systems, however the stairway to get in the attic is unstable and small. It’s always a pain carrying all the air conditioning systems up this. However, for the last few years, I’ve been able to place the air conditioning systems in our attic separate from any trouble, and sadly, that trend was broken this year. I’d carried a single air conditioning system up to our attic, however at this point, I was incredibly tired. Climbing up and down the stairs with the air conditioning system was wearing me out, and I was ready to relax. I decided to try and carry the last air conditioning system just to get it over with, however halfway up, I slipped. I tumbled down the stairs, and the air conditioning system came after me. Thankfully, I was able to shift the air conditioning system sideways, watching it come crashing down to the floor. Now, I have to buy a new air conditioning system and a new leg! My leg is bruised badly!



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