I buy honey jars every week

Lately I have been bored so I have been experimenting with odd recipes; since I have a big family of 6, all of us use a lot of food, so I am constantly cooking and finding new recipes to keep my family glad.

It really isn’t easy, especially since my family all have odd preferences; however, there is one thing that almost all the people can agree on in the family, which is honey.

I don’t know what it is about honey, however all the people in my family swoon over it; This works out for me, because honey is cheap and particularly accessible; right down the road close to me is a beekeeping and honey locale. There, they have honey for sale, and several jars of it. How this locale works is that they are a residential bee removal service, and they collect bees from all over to bring over to a beekeeper, where they will collect the honey. Since the commercial bee removal is so close, they are also entirely cheap price wise. I can get several jars of honey there for the price of one at the supermarket! This is the entirely good honey too, fresh from the honey hive. I’m entirely ecstatic to have a honey farm so close to me, it not only benefits my family in getting delicious honey, however blatantly the beekeeping locale also specializes in bee rescue. Bees that would have been killed in some locales are carefully rescued and brought here. I’m glad to support such a kind and generous locale here in my neighborhood; I get good honey in return, so it’s a definite win win.

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