I can actually see why I had such bad air quality

I have never had the most excellent air quality, I will admit that.

  • I actually believe it is because of the particular air filters I use, plus they are not great.

They are cheap plus they get the job done okay. Honestly, the air quality does not affect me too much, so I am able to live just wonderfully like this. However, even I noticed my air was quite a bit worse than usual. I started having minor drawbacks, which was not especially normal for me, because I never have any symptoms from bad air. Unfortunately, people started refusing to come over to my property because of how bad plus how suffocating the air quality became. I went to my a/c equipment plus leaned down plus made an attempt to figure out what was the problem. I then thought about the air conditioning equipment filter plus realized that I hadn’t changed it for roughly 6 weeks. I pulled it out plus it was completely disgusting, so this is where all of my issues were coming from. I was out of my respected a/c filters, so I had to get a slightly higher quality air filter for my property. Once I upgraded it, it took a good amount of time however eventually my property began to feel substantially better. I believe I might have to get a whole-home air purifier to have better quality air, because it’s now reaching the point of people not wishing to come over at my location, because they don’t appreciate the way it feels. The air does not affect me much at all, but I don’t like the whole idea of people refusing to come over because of how my location feels. If I do make the decision to get a whole-home air purifier, then it would likely be a future investment.


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