I created a website for my book

True story, about the first and last time I ran my own website.

It was right after my book got published, and I had a killer method for a way to promote it.

Instead of just putting up snippets from the novel, or posting reviews, I would use the site to host all new original content from the world of the book. It was a horror novel set in a small town, and the website had personal accounts and news stories from that town. I thought it was great, and I enjoyed writing it, until one morning I went to log in and it was gone. I only had the most basic of desktop security, and whatever cloud security my account came with for free, however these meager protections were not enough, my data was gone, my content was gone, my entire website had been wiped clean, and I needed a cybersecurity expert simply to explain what had happened, then after a long lecture about firewall protection, data encryption, and VPN serves, I realized that none of this was making any sense to me. I realized that cybersecurity was so complex, and so different from anything else, that me trying to do it myself would be just as simple as performing surgery on myself. In other words, you can try and install some programs or whatever, however people spend years studying effective cybersecurity solutions, and occasionally you have to leave things for the experts. Instead of bothering to try and comprehend what he was saying, I just hired the cybersecurity expert to do it for me.


Network security