I dropped my AC system down the latter

Today was the day when my spouse finally asked me to put away our cooling systems.

Fall is here, and the air outside has been much cooler! While the two of us haven’t needed to switch on our furnace on or anything yet, it is absolutely too chilly outside to need a cooling system.

At this point, we only need to open a window or turn on a fan. We own a lot of cooling systems, and it’s always my job to put every cooling system in the attic at the end of the season. There’s a lot of storage in our attic for the cooling systems, but the stairway to get up and down from the attic is unstable and small. It’s constantly a sizable pain for me to be carrying the cooling systems up. For the last few years, I’ve been able to place the cooling systems in the attic without any difficulty. Unluckily, that trend was broken today. I’d carried the final cooling system up to the attic and I was incredibly tired. Walking up and down the stairs with the cooling system was exhausting, and I was ready for a break. I decided to carry the last cooling system up with one hand, but halfway up, my foot slipped. I tripped, which sent me down the stairs, and the final cooling system after me. Thankfully, I was able to shift that cooling system to the side, keeping it from crashing down on me. However, I need a new cooling system now along with a new leg. My leg bruised badly!

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