I had a noise in my ductwork.

My partner wasn’t thrilled with me when I kept waking him up.

I was hearing these really noises coming from the ductwork, and they had me freaked out.

The second I woke him up, the noise would go away. He kept telling me I was waking myself up with my snoring. He would grumble about my waking him up and roll over to go back to sleep. I kept thinking about these movies I had been watching. Could it be that our house was haunted? I tried going back to sleep, but I would hear the noise again and I would imagine some monster coming out of the ductwork, oozing through the air vents, and killing me in my sleep. When my partner didn’t take me seriously, I knew I had to. The first thing I had to do was call the HVAC company. I wanted someone to inspect my ductwork. I have never been so elated to see someone, than when the HVAC tech showed up. He stated that we had mice in our ductwork. That was the noise I was hearing. He suggested I call an exterminator and get rid of the mice, then I would need to call the HVAC company back. They would need to do an inspection of the ductwork and find where the mice were coming. The ductwork would need to be repaired, then cleaned and sanitized. I paid him and told him thank you for everything he did. I couldn’t wait to gloat to my partner that I wasn’t just waking myself up with my snoring. I do not snore, he does.



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