I hurt myself and my AC unit

The afternoon finally came when my wife finally told me to put away all of the a/c units.

The fall season is here, and the air outside has been chilly.

While the two of us haven’t needed to turn our gas furnace on or anything, it’s undoubtedly too chilly outside to use our a/c. At this point in the year, all that we need to do is crack a window or turn on a fan. We have several a/c units, and it was my chore to put every single one of the a/c units in the attic until the next Spring. There’s a lot of storage section in the attic for the a/c units, but the stairway to get them up is unstable and small. It’s consistently a sizable pain to carry up the a/c units, but for the last few years, I’ve been able to put the a/c units in the attic without any serious trouble. Unfortunately, that trend stopped this year. I had carried all the a/c units up to the attic but one, and by this time I was incredibly tired. Walking up and down the small stairs with the a/c units was wearing myself out, and I was ready for a break. I decided to carry the last a/c unit up quickly, but halfway up, my foot slipped. I tripped, sending me back down the stairs, and the a/c unit after me. Thankfully, I was able to shift the a/c unit to the side, watching it come crashing down around me. Now, I need a modern a/c unit and a modern leg… My leg bruised badly!


a/c professional