I need more a/c filters with a cat

I recently decided that I wanted to get a cat.

I have never had a pet before besides our family cat growing up so I thought now was as nice a time as ever.

I took an absolutely long time searching for the perfect cat because I wanted one that was calm and did well with people. Finally, I found a cat that I prefer and I have had him for about 6 weeks now. It absolutely was all I could ever want and I am so thankful that he is now in our life. One thing that I never expected when I decided to get a cat was how often I had to change the HVAC filter. I don’t think about my heating and air conditioning filter too much. But I could absolutely tell that the air quality in our home was suffering after I got my cat! When I pulled out the first air filter after I got my cat, it was full of cat hair and I was absolutely grossed out. So I made a promise to myself that I would begin increasing the heating and air conditioning filter every month so that I didn’t have to worry about the air quality in our house. Since I started increasing the HVAC filter so often, I have absolutely observed a difference in our air quality and I am shocked that it took me so long to begin doing this more!


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