I needed a new HVAC system.

I blamed my parents for my making some of the dumbest mistakes I have ever made.

  • They weren’t very good at teaching me responsibility.

They never told me much about what was going to happen when I got older. I wish my dad had allowed me to work with him so I would know what is involved in owning a house. I had no idea what taxes were, how to do small repairs, or anything about using a furnace or air conditioning unit. No one told me how expensive it was to keep the home running smoothly. I knew that bills came into the house, but we never knew how or who was paying those bills. Dad didn’t talk about his work, if there were problems in the house, or how any of it was handled. I wish he had told me that you had to have regular maintenance done on your HVAC system. It wasn’t until mine quit working that I was made aware of this necessary step. When I finally called the HVAC company, I had so much damage done to my HVAC system that I had to buy a new HVAC system. That was an expensive way to learn a lesson. I swore I would never go a full year without having my HVAC maintenance done, and I wouldn’t go more than a month before I changed my air filters. I may be going a bit further than I need, especially when it comes to the air filters, but I can’t afford many more lessons like this last one.


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