I opted for some space heaters.

I love where I live.

  • We have the most perfect weather all year.

We have the amazing cool, sweetness of spring and fall. Winter seldom goes below the forties. Summer doesn’t give us a lot of heat. We have the rains that come with the heat. This is a given. We also have a few snow flurries here and there. I don’t find that our bad weather is bad enough to warrant having a furnace in my house. I had thought about it one time, and I even did my research. There wasn’t a single furnace that I wanted in my home. They were all more expensive to run than what I wanted. They also mostly used fossil fuel, even if it was just to light the pilot light. Everything I read, pointed to purchasing space heaters. Most of the space heaters used some kind of fuel. I had heard too many horror stories about how they had tipped over and caused a fire and people had been injured, or the house burned down. They had really nice space heaters that didn’t require any fuel. They had what they called an oil-filled space heater. There was oil in the radiator that heated up with electricity. The oil was self-contained inside the space heater and it never needed replenished. I went out and bought two space heaters so I had them if I needed them. I was pleased to find out how well they actually heated my room space. I only plan on using the space heaters if the night temperatures go below forty-five. I’m sure this was a really smart move on my part.