I Own My Own HVAC Business And We Excel

I am lucky because when I was young, I was taught how crucial it is to set goals in life.

One of my main goals was to have a successful career as a company owner.

Money has never been my main goal, but I do i want enough for me and my family to be able to live comfortably with a nice big apartment with a nice Heating and Air-Conditioning system. I admit I wanted nice cars, but I also wanted to be able to donate to all the charities that I believed in. I am proud to say I have mostly achieved all these goals already, and for that I can thank the fact that I went into the HVAC business. First, I went to a trade college to get my Heating and Air Conditioning certification.Then I was hired by a fantastic HVAC company where I first learned the ropes. In over 10 years before I started my own company I ended up working for a few HVAC companies. The different companies all taught me different things about the heating and cooling industry, and I’m grateful to them all. They taught me the ins and outs of Heating as well as Air Conditioning over the years. I learned business strategy and how to operate an HVAc company. Finally, after I had saved enough money, I decided to strike out on my own. Getting started was strange to start with, as I had no boss anymore and everything was up to me! I had a lot of decisions to make that I had never made before, such as where to even start renting land to put my business on. Then I focused on hiring the best HVAC specialists I either already knew or could find. Personality, technical skills and a great attitude are what I have found to be most important. But when I was first starting out, getting a fleet of company vehicles turned out to not go so smoothly! Luckily, to start out in the first few months our first HVAC employees offered to drive their own cars, to give us the budget to hire even more HVAC workers and buy equipment! But in a few months I was able to get everybody their own company vehicles. Our HVAC company is by now a solid fixture in the community. This is because of my great staff of friendly and competent HVAC technicians, as well as my competitive prices and our guarantee that we will always outdo the competition.

a/c representative