I think I might get a smart thermostat in a couple of weeks

Lots of people don’t know that most mail carriers don’t have air conditioners or even heaters in their work vans.

I guess I wasn’t surprised to find this out because my own spouse works for one of the companies, and so he has driven a hot, uncomfortable van around the city for over ten years now.

In the start, it was particularly rough for him and he would have to use those cooling towels that you put on your neck all afternoon long. He said they do help cool him off somewhat… The company van also has a little fan in it, but it doesn’t particularly do much. That’s why every afternoon he gets home, takes a shower, and sits right in front of the air conditioning vents. He doesn’t know that I do it, but every afternoon I crank the air conditioner down about 9 degrees about the same time that my husband is leaving work. I want him to be nice and comfortable after working outside in the heat all day. However, recently I found out that our shift at work is going to be decreasing. I work in a comfortable office so this is not really a big deal for me. I guess except for the fact that I won’t be home to turn down the air conditioner for my husband anymore. I suppose that we could probably just leave the air conditioner at 64 degrees all afternoon long but that seems like it would be a big waste if no one is home. Recently I was reading and I came across something called smart control units. I would be able to program a smart control unit to start cooling the house right at my spouse’s quitting time. I could even control the smart control unit from work, I really appreciated that. I’m going to make an appointment with our Heating and A/C company to install a smart control unit soon.

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