I think that’s the last yoga class for me

My lady started doing yoga when she was back in college… She had a horrible injury and the physical therapist recommended that yoga could help with her flexibility and rehabilitation exercises.

  • She made the choice to attend a yoga class 3 afternoons each week.

When we met, she was in really great physical shape! I was in video games shape. She never pushed me to change at all in the start. She was thrilled with me, and I was thrilled with me. When we started spending more time together, she eventually talked me into joining her at a yoga class. I didn’t even believe it would be too bad, since yoga is essentially just stretching and moving. I didn’t assume there are strange forms of yoga. My lady practices Bikram yoga, which is so much more challenging than traditional yoga. First of all, the room was terribly hot and very humid. When I complained about the total lack of cool air, my lady chuckled and told me that was a major part of Bikram yoga. I was also entirely unaware that the beginner class would be almost 2 hours long. We performed well over 20 strange postures including half tortoise pose, full Locust pose, and toe stand pose. I couldn’t do any of the stretches the right way, and I entirely looked like a fool. I did my best to keep up with almost everyone, but I was ready to call it quits after 15 or 20 minutes. When the yoga class was finally finished, I told my lady that this one class was enough for me. I was ready for a lengthy nap and a glass of wine. I knew I needed more exercise, but yoga wasn’t going to work for me.


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