I thought he would appreciate HVAC in the garage.

My husband works a lot of long hours. He comes home and plays with the kids and we sit and discuss our days. When the weekend comes, he still keeps the same hours as when he is working. He goes to the garage and he works on projects. I don’t ask a lot about what he is doing, knowing that he will eventually come in and tell me. I know he is just relaxing. Last week, he called me out to the garage. He was building a new dining room table for me. I had told him I wanted a new one, and he was building the most beautiful maple table I have ever seen. He was truly an artist when it came to woodworking. I also noticed that it was really hot in the garage. With summer on the way, it seemed like all the heat was being stored inside. He had often grumbled about wanting to be HVAC into the garage, but he had never gotten around to it. If the garage was this hot in early summer, I wondered how cold it was in the winter. With his birthday as close as summer, I knew exactly what he could use. I called the HVAC company and asked to look at the garage and give me an estimate on installing a ductless HVAC system. I was surprised when he gave me the price. He also said he could get the work done in less than a day. Three days later, I couldn’t wait for my husband to go out to the garage. The HVAC system had been installed and I had a huge bow over the door. He absolutely loves his new ductless HVAC.

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