I thought the old table was a huge find

My brother and I were working for an apartment complex when we found an old cherry table that was worth $5,000.

My brother and I were in charge of cleaning up the apartments when someone moved out on expectedly.

When some of the tenants I had to leave in a hurry, they often left a lot of junk and personal belongings in the apartment. My brother and I were cleaning three or four apartments every month. We did the work for free and we were allowed to keep anything of value inside of the apartment. Sometimes we found electronics that still worked like cell phones, video games, and DVD players. Sometimes we found items that we could sell to the thrift shop like clothing or books or household items. One time my brother and I cleaned out an apartment and there was an old cherry wood table inside of the kitchen. My brother wanted to throw the old table inside the trash compactor, but I thought it might be worth some money. I told my brother that the table looked like it was carved by hand and there was a lot of intricate work on the legs and side of the table. I insisted that we take the table to an antiques dealer that is a friend of the family. The guy nearly lost his mind when he saw the old cherry wood table. It was an antique table carved by a famous artist from the 18th century and the item was worth five grand. My brother wanted to throw the antique furniture in the trash, but thankfully I saw the value in saving the custom cherry table.

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