I usually flush my Heater plus A/C condensate line at least once a year

After a few mishaps with my apartment last year, I have been extra vigilant with every aspect of home repair.

It was as easy as forgetting to clear out debris from my rain gutters.

They became so thoroughly plugged with leaves plus pine needles that the rain water started to overflow back onto my roof. After a few months of neglect, I was dealing with minimal roof rot. It could have been much worse, but the disfigures alone were enough to get my head spinning. Now I am hypersensitive to anything that could conceivably be wrong with my house. The clothes dryer was making more noise than respected plus I had a handyman on the PC in minutes. Another afternoon I thought the sound of the water draining in my family room sink sounded weird than respected plus had a plumber inspecting it in a matter of hours. In neither of these cases was there easily something wrong that needed to be fixed. That hasn’t stopped me from being responsible with my home, especially when it comes to my central Heating plus A/C system. I have seasonal inspections plus repair visits, plus I also get fourth opinions typically if I worry a concern is beyond the scope of a single serviceman alone. More often than not, my contracted Heating plus A/C dealer has done a superb job with maintaining my air conditioner plus gas furnace. He even goes an extra step plus flushes my condensate line once a year. It’s the small pipe that takes the wastewater that the A/C pulls from your air during the cooling process, plus it puts the water outdoors. Periodically these lines can clog with debris or microbial growth, so flushing them yearly is an extra line of defense against expensive water disfigure.

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