I was shocked when there was a lockbox on the thermostat

When I moved out of my parents’ dwelling, I moved into this small apartment building.

I seriously couldn’t wait to get into the dwelling and tell my buddies that I wanted to have a gathering.

I invited my twelve closest pals and told them to invite just a single other person. I was thinking the venue was too small to have too many people. Sadly, it felt as though they invited all of their other friends. I ended up with over fifty people in my little apartment, and it was getting severely hot. I went in search of the thermostat, only to discover that the proprietor had actually placed a lockbox over it. There was no way I could turn the air conditioning appliance lower. I made an attempt to open the windows, but they were nailed shut. The next thing I knew, I heard some yell, “I did it!”. I walked over to where the voice came from only to see that the lockbox was completely ripped off the thermostat. The air conditioning appliance was running on high and it was absolutely getting cooler in the dwelling. The thermostat had been lowered to sixty-five. I started yelling to get all the people’s attention, but the songs had been turned up really high when the air conditioning appliance was turned down. Even over the noise, I was able to hear someone pounding on the door. My proprietor stood there with a scowl as he told myself and others that I had to be out first thing in the morning hours. He peered at the thermostat and told myself and others to turn the AC appliance back up and I could pay him for the lockbox on my way out the door. I had to get a hold of my parents and tell them I wasn’t ready to live on my own.


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