I watched my air conditioner come crashing down

Today was the afternoon where it was finally time to put away my air conditioners.

The fall weather is here, and the outside air has been crisp.

While I haven’t needed to switch on my gas furnace on or anything, it’s certainly too crisp outside to need my air conditioner. At this point, all that I need to do is open a window or turn on a fan for cool air. I have plenty of air conditioners, plus I have to put every air conditioner in the attic after the summer each year. I have a ton of storage space in my attic for the air conditioners, but the stairway that I need to use to get up into my attic is small and unstable. It’s always an immense pain carrying the air conditioners and down. During the last few years, I’ve been able to put my air conditioners in the attic without any issues. Unfortunately, that trend stopped this year. I carried all the air conditioners up to the attic except the last one, and I was incredibly sleepy. Walking up and down the wobbly stairs with an air conditioner was wearing me out. I was prepared for a break. I attempted to carry the last air conditioner up just to get it over with, but a fourth of the way up, my foot got caught. I tripped, sending me down the staircase with the air conditioners after me. Thankfully, I could move the air conditioner to the side while I was falling, watching it come crashing down to the floor around me. Now, I need to buy a new air conditioner and fix my broken leg.



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