I’ll write you some letters back

My day is ruined.

I’m livid and I can’t calm down.

I’m so tired of this mess. I saw the note on the front door as I pulled into the driveway, and my mood immediately shifted. This will be the ninth ugly note in as numerous weeks. No, this time I am not being stalked and I don’t have a crazed neighbor. These ridiculously threatening letters are being placed on our door by the HOA who will take further action, supposedly. They don’t even have the class to mail them to me. This disaster all started a bit over a month ago. The HOA is completely losing their minds right now over a stupid HVAC detail at our home. I get it. All of us need living standards in our community to be sure the property values are increasing. However, I belong to an HOA that is simply a bunch of nuts. My oldest kid got a little silly with the hedge clippers on one side of the house. It absolutely was one of those deals where a person is attempting to even a simple cut and does too much. The hedges are now a bit too short and this has the HOA all to pieces as our HVAC condenser clearly can now be seen. I got a cellphone call about this just a few days after the terrible hedge was cut. The HOA regular was a complete jerk on the call and I told him that he could just wait a minute until the hedge grows. This got the ball rolling to where I am now constantly being threatened with daily fines of $250. The thing is, my partner is a killer trial lawyer. After this, I’ll have her firm send a few threatening letters on our behalf.
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