I’m going to start with a residential beekeeping service

These are all questions I’m going to have to find out from the beekeeping service.

I always wanted to start my own beekeeping business but I didn’t know how. The idea of making my own fresh honey from my own honey hive is very appealing to me. Not to mention, I could sell some of the honey and make a few extra dollars. But, most importantly, I know how important bees are to the ecosystem and our way of life. Without bees, we would all die. That’s why I want my own beehive. I have a lot of flowers for the bees in my garden as well. And, I don’t even use any pesticides. The bees would be very happy there. When I started looking up residential beekeeping, I came across a site that offers residential beekeeping services. They provide you with the bees and everything needed to house the bees. They even teach you how to harvest the honey and guide you along the entire process. This sounds amazing to me. I would really like some guidance and information on where to start. Honestly, I think the residential beekeeping service is where I start. Now I just need to call them up and arrange for the delivery of my beehive. I wonder what I should name my honey farm. Where did the bees come from? Is there a place where there are thousands and thousands of bees all being kept at one time. These are all questions I’m going to have to find out from the beekeeping service. I’m so excited though that I can hardly think straight. I wonder if I should start ordering jars to put the honey in or if I should wait and see if I can get them through the residential beekeeping service. Maybe I’m getting a little too ahead of myself.


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