It isn’t easy to save when you live in Tampa, FL

My wife and I lived outside of Tampa for several years, when we realized that going to work was costing us a lot of money.

Not only was the cost of commuting expensive, but it was becoming quite tiring.

I worked almost twenty miles from our home and my wife worked almost thirty miles away. It wouldn’t have been too bad if we could have shared a ride, but we went in opposite directions. When we realized how much it was costing us to travel five days a week, we discussed renting a place in Tampa. By living in Tampa, she would now be only fifteen minutes from work and I was close enough to ride my bike. The problem was that the rent is much higher in Tampa, FL. We were now living in a two bedroom and two bath home and the apartment we were looking to rent was only one bedroom and one bathroom. That means that we will be using up more than 50% of our budget on rent. It isn’t like we didn’t expect some things to be more expensive, because we did. We were able to balance things out a bit because our energy bill dropped in half. Instead of paying $150 a month, we were down to almost half that much. We are saving money on gas for the commute from Tampa to our places of work. Between the gas savings, the savings on our energy bills and the time saved in travel, we think moving into Tampa was a good idea. Now, we are looking forward to exploring the nightlife of Tampa.