It seems that all industries have been rocked by the recent global health crisis

When the world was hit with the virus earlier this year, I absolutely didn’t expect things to change much other than that the pandemic would absolutely last for a long period of time.

  • I thought that sure, a few things will change here and there, however nothing that would be too noticeable.

Well, time has gone on to show that my theory on that was about as wrong as you could get in terms of predicting how things would play out. Heading into the next half of the year as well as beyond there are numerous things that are going to be changed permanently. As an HVAC repair tech, I am feeling a bit anxious as well as gleeful for what these changes will be. Recently the HVAC supplier that I toil away for full time was able to open their doors back up to help serve those in our community. While this absolutely helped things change a little more toward normal for me, the way that all of us help repair HVAC systems in shoppers’ houses couldn’t be more foreign to myself and others as well as my coworkers… There is much less close contact with customers, as well as all of us are also following our supplier’s protocol by wearing masks in order to prevent the spread of germs while carefully working on the units… It only hit myself and the others recently that this change in the way all of us do things could be for the better now. With the up-to-date portals that all of us have to take, things will improve. But no professions ever stay exactly the same though, as well as I guess it’s now or never to learn how to adapt as well as appreciate the up-to-date way our jobs will be as certified HVAC techs.

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