It’s difficult to get sleep because we have a newborn

My wife actually had a baby last week, and we finally had a little boy, after 3 girls.

Now that both of us have a boy, both of us are going to stop having more babies! Our children are 7, 8, and 10.

It’s been a truly long time since my wife and I have had diaper duty as well as sleepless mornings. The two of us have not had to buy diapers in such a long while. I forgot how terribly upscale they can be. Sleeping has been a crucial complication since the baby came home. She has not been sleeping through the night and my wife and I are up pretty much all the time. We actually take turns getting up with the baby. I think he might have colic or something like that. It has been especially strenuous for me, because I still have to work full time while in the afternoon. My wife is not now working so she is able to stay at the dwelling with our son. Someone has to be able to make a living and that guy just so happens to be me. My boss has been especially wonderful through the whole process. He honestly gave me two weeks of paid time off when my child was born. I also had a couple of weeks of actual vacation time saved up. I only went back to work at the Heating, Ventilation and A/C company the other week. A lot of Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance customers were asking about me. It was time to get back to work, and I was honestly getting bored sitting at my dwelling. It’s incredibly strenuous to concentrate on Heating, Ventilation and A/C tasks when I only have a few hours of sleep every single night… Yesterday, I took a nap at lunch and didn’t wake up until it was about 3pm. That cannot happen every afternoon or I will easily get fired. I truly hope that my child will actually get started with sleeping through the night very soon.

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