It’s Not Worth Risking Your HVAC

None of us like to pay for stuff that we find to be unnecessary.

This a particular golden rule in our house.

We all attempt to avoid paying for stuff that just is either inferior or just doesn’t have the value we expect. I have never been afraid to take something back that doesn’t live up to its promises. However, there have been plenty of instances where I have really whiffed on certain items. More often those misses come by NOT spending money on something that was needed. I watch my brother always buying these extended warranties. He never gets the value out of what he paid into those schemes. This makes me wary of spending money on services that I can’t detect a difference right away. I even almost stopped spending on seasonal HVAC maintenance because I thought it might not be worth the money. However, after just a little bit of research, I realized that HVAC maintenance is a totally necessary outlay. Just like I spend money changing the oil in the car, I have to spend money on my HVAC maintenance. The modern HVAC system is packed with intricate parts that have to be serviced in order for the heating and cooling system to optimally perform. Those who don’t spend on HVAC are essentially cutting around six or seven years off the life of their HVAC unit. Also, 85 percent of all HVAC service calls are things that would have been caught during regular HVAC maintenance. It’s just not worth risking the HVAC to save a few dollars.



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