It’s such a challenge to rest at night when you have a newborn baby

My wife had a baby this past month.

The two of us finally had a little girl, after three boys! Now that both of us finally have a girl, both of us are going to stop trying to have additional babies! Our three little guys are 7, 8, in addition to 10.

It’s been a relatively long time since my wife in addition to I have had diaper duty in addition to completely sleepless nights. The two of us have not had to get diapers in a really long time. I forgot how terribly costly they can be. Sleeping has been a pretty massive problem since the baby came back to our property. She has not been sleeping through the night in addition to my wife in addition to I are up on a regular basis. The two of us take turns getting up with the baby. I actually believe that she might have colic. It has been especially tough for me, because I still have to work full time during the afternoon. My wife is not working so she can stay at our property with our daughter. Someone has to earn a living in addition to that person just so happens to be me. My boss has been superb through the whole process, and he provided me with a few weeks of paid time off when our child was born. I also had a couple of weeks of holiday time saved up. I only went back to work at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment business last week. A lot of Heating as well as Air Conditioning clients were asking about me while I was away. It was time to get back to work, in addition to I was getting bored with resting at my property. It’s hard to actually focus on Heating as well as Air Conditioning assignments when I only have a few minutes of sleep each night. Just the other day, I took a nap at around lunchtime in addition to didn’t wake up until it was almost three. That cannot happen every afternoon or I will honestly get fired. I genuinely hope that our child will start sleeping through the night soon so I can actually get some rest.


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