Just do yourself a favor and get the heat pump

For most of my life, I’ve lived in a place where the HVAC heat pump is simply king of all heating and cooling methods on the market.

The heat is intense in this region so, the family HVAC is on for at least 6 or 7 months of the year.

However, the four month heat streak in Summer is the real beast. Without great HVAC, I don’t see how anyone on this planet could make it through the Summer. I can remember our Grandfather said HVAC was too fancy. He always had an evaporative cooler and about 20 fans running in the house to compensate. That cooling plan was somewhat effective for a while… if you didn’t transfer at all once it got real hot. These days, clearly that just won’t do around our house with 3 kids. I have consistently held HVAC as a high priority. Viewing central HVAC as an investment has been a mindset that has consistently worked and paid of for me. I just can’t imagine anything doing a better job than purchasing the heat pump. All of us just replaced our failing HVAC heat pump with a new, more technologically advanced model on the market. This heat pump has a genuinely high SEER rating; an indication of how efficient the heating and cooling plan is to operate. I believe the new heat pump has a SEER rating that is more than triple what I had. This thing is so efficient that I don’t even worry when the utility bill lands in the mailbox. I also love the fact that this newer HVAC model is much, much more environmentally friendly. It’s plain and obvious that every one of us must start paying attention to taking far better care of the planet.


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