Keep that HVAC From Destroying the Household Budget

I have wanted one for a while.

The check I just wrote made me want to toss my cookies. The check looked like a down payment on a motorcycle or something. But, this was my monthly utility bill. We are in a part of the country where there is a great deal of heat throughout the summer. This heat really doesn’t let up at all for four months. So, the HVAC runs and runs. Honestly, it feels almost like it never stops running. But, then again, it has a big demand from our family. Also, the HVAC system we have is nearly 15 years old. It runs pretty well and does a decent enough job. However, it is reaching the end of its effectiveness and needs a bit more assistance than we have been giving it. The first thing we did was agree to reduce the load we place on our HVAC system. The thermostat setting immediately went up almost 10 degrees. The trade of there was that I bought two more ceiling fans and 3 fans up on a stand. The feel of air blowing on the skin helps trick the brain to think the temperature is cooler that it is. Next, we put up drapes and solar cling in an effort to greatly reduce the effects of direct sun heating. We simply had to get in the habit of closing drapes during the peak heating hours of the day. The smart thermostat was my idea. I have wanted one for a while. This thing can do a much better job of more precisely monitoring the HVAC output than I ever could. We didn’t beat the heat outside, it’s still there. However, we reduced our electric bill by 20 percent. Well worth the extra effort.

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