Let me use your car, please

I remember all too well that when I was in school; I had to take any job available to me.

I wasn’t lucky enough in my day to have a full scholarship that paid for every school expense.

I liked to get together with my friends, plus I surely liked to eat. I had to have work. My favorite job was when I was a pizza delivery guy. The pizza shop I eventually worked for had an automobile for myself and others to use, plus it worked actually well. My very favorite space of that automobile was the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. It didn’t really matter what the weather was like, that Heating, Ventilation & A/C system kept myself and others so totally comfortable. I was used to a switch that flipped from heating to air conditioner. In this little car, I had climate control. All I did was set the control unit to my desired temperature, plus I can tell you I got high quality heating or air conditioner, depending on the outside temperature. Once I eventually graduated from school, I never thought I would have to deliver any pizza again. With the onset of the Coronavirus, I was finding myself without a job again. . People were still making purchases online, plus they still needed to eat each day. Unfortunately, the pizza deliveries I was making were being made in my own car. I certainly had a fairly nice car, plus it had excellent heating plus air conditioner. I would be nice to have a ‘business’ automobile to drive instead of using my vehicle all the time. At least I have excellent Heating, Ventilation & A/C to keep myself and others’ pizza comfortable.

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