Let’s talk about the weather

Let us talk about weather and climate for a minute here.

I’m not sure where you live, but I live in the part of the country where it is super hot all of time.

I really do not like it, but sometimes we have to live where we don’t want to be due to either a job obligation or money issues. For me it’s both of the above. But the upside of all of this for me is that I have a top of the line central heating and air conditioning system. The heating hardly ever gets used. It is always the central air conditioning that is on full blast 98 percent of the time. I do however have a little trick I do so that the energy bills are not super high from all of this high powered air conditioning usage. I bought 2 portable air conditioning systems. These portable air conditioning systems get turned on during the nighttime hours when it has somewhat cooled down a little outside. That doesn’t happen much, but when you do not have the bright sun to contend with you can get away with turning off the central air conditioning system unit and just run a few portable air conditioning systems to keep cool and keep that even air flow going throughout your own home. Having a floor fan on the low setting also helps keep the air flow from the portable air conditioning systems going. And in turn, my energy bills are no different than the common person living elsewhere in the country in the summer.


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