Living in Clearwater is cheaper than living outside of Clearwater

For years, I lived in the country and I loved our home.

Recently we had to have some service done to our air conditioning system.

We knew it was going to be expensive, but we weren’t prepared for the bill they gave us. Living in the country meant that we had to call an HVAC company that was located a distance from where we lived. We not only paid for the service and the service call but we also paid for the travel time to and from the HVAC shop. Now, we paid for the travel fee and the fee to purchase a new air conditioning unit and the installation. Till they were done, the bill was well over $5000. Recently, we moved to Clearwater. Now we are only a minute or two outside of the city. We needed to have some repairs done to our home and one of them was to substitute the HVAC system. We called several HVAC companies for an estimate. I couldn’t believe how much cheaper it was going to be to install a new HVAC system into our home than it was in the old home. It didn’t take long to realize that living in Clearwater was going to be cheaper than living outside of the town. I have even found that the produce and much of the pastries and fresh breads are cheaper. I know that we are going to enjoy living in Clearwater. We have more things to do and everything is much easier to get to. The cost of all repairs to our new home was less than what we paid for the new air conditioner outside of the city.

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