Losing all of our customers

A couple of years ago, I bought the restaurant for which I had been the sous chef for several years.

  • The owner retired and asked me if I wanted to buy him out.

I assumed that it was a golden opportunity, so I took him up on her offer. You have to realize though, this is an old restaurant that needed a lot of swings. I was aware of this when I bought the business, but I didn’t realize just how many swings needed to be made. One of the more surprising swings I had to make was when I ended up completely replacing the old Heating and A/C system. I was losing customers in the winter season due to the fact that the gas furnace had gone out. The restaurant has a fireplace and numerous space heating systems but that will only get you so far! I called up the Heating and A/C provider to see what the complication was and the Heating and A/C provider sent out an Heating and A/C worker to take a look. She wasn’t too far into servicing the gas furnace before the Heating and A/C worker let me know that I would have to replace the whole gas furnace and, while I was at it, it would be smart to replace the air conditioning too because obviously that old thing was on its last legs. The Heating and A/C worker told me that she would provide me a discount by replacing both the air conditioning and gas furnace with her Heating and A/C corporation, so I agreed. I feel so lucky just to report that the corporation is booming again and the Heating and A/C method works amazing. Unluckily, replacing that Heating and A/C method set me back quite a bit when in terms of redecorating this site!



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