Lucky for the fireplace at home

My family is from the north, but I grew up in the south.

  • My Dad moved me here when I was numerous.

I visited my dad as well as the rest of my family while in the summer time as well as some of the holidays. I constantly savor to spend the Winter time holiday with my dad, because I got to see snow on Christmas. Both of us almost constantly had white powder on the ground. I didn’t easily savor the snow as well as ice until I got older. I still live here in the southern region, as well as I miss having fresh snow on Christmas morning! Around here, the closest every one of us will get is a light drizzle as well as some fog. I decided to go visit my family this year as well as I spent more than one weeks in the mountains. I thought I missed the snow, but I was dead wrong. I do not remember the temperatures being so cold as well as freezing, then even with a hat, coat, gloves, as well as boots, I was still shivering the moment that every one of us walked outside. My dad as well as my uncle wanted to go skiing, as well as I thought that would be a fun idea. I was ready to go, until I woke up as well as the temperature was 8 degrees. I bailed out on the idea as well as spent all day resting in front of the fireplace. It was easily cozy as well as nice, as well as the smell of burning wood reminded me of being a kid. The fireplace was one of the nicest parts of the whole trip. Next time I get a crazy idea to go out of town for Christmas, I’m going to remember these cold afternoons.